A collection of answers to questions I get asked all the time:

What are you?
I am Chinese. If you want to get really technical, my dad is Hakka and my mom is mostly Chinese and 1/8th Japanese. Both my parents are Hong Kongese and grew up under British rule. They met in Calgary when they were both in Canada attending post secondary. 

Do you work at Don's office?

What do you "do"?
I make my living running a full time private piano studio. I am also a mom, which is a job and a half! 

The other bulk of my unpaid work is working on United Way's youth initiative, which involves a lot of public speaking, strategy meetings, and connecting with wonderful students; and, co-chairing the 2016 campaign cabinet. 

On the weekends and after teaching some evenings I am generally out doing my other, other job - Supporting and helping represent Don at functions and events. 

How do you do it all?
I've have created a web of support around me so I'm not doing it all by myself. And, I have a lot of energy!

What bike do you ride?
My favourites are the Pashley Princess Sovereign and Linus Mixte. A lot of people buy the Linus Dutchi 8, which is a nice hybrid of both. 

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