Saturday, December 17, 2016


I've been working, you've been working, we've all been working. 

In the home. Outside of the home. With our kids, as partners, as volunteers, in addition to being employees or parents or friends or whatever. It's what we all do! 

I was chatting with a fellow mom while waiting for our kids to get out of class a few months ago and I don't quite remember how it came up but, she mentioned that my life looked... and I quote - glamorous. 


Was my response. If there had been food or drink in my mouth, I probably would have spat it out. 

It was funny to me, because I know how much work goes into work. The good news is, the appearance of glamour must mean I'm doing a decent job. She mentioned that I get to go to a lot of events (true) and get dressed up a lot (true). 

I told her that the behind-the-scenes stuff requires a lot of coordination and attention. Arranging for babysitters; Paying for babysitters; The kids staying over at my mom & dad's all the time; Allotting time to do my hair & makeup (or, having a full face of makeup on all day since there is no time to transition into the evening after teaching); At formal events I need to wear a gown, bought and paid for with my piano teaching money; Once I'm at an event I have no idea who I'll be meeting or what sorts of social graces I'll need to pull out of my arsenal (assuming my social graces arsenal is all stocked up)... it's a whole thing! 

The part where I get to meet awesome people who do amazing work in the city, and where I get to celebrate cool things happening in Edmonton? That part is super fun. 

So here's to all of us out there, hustling so that we can get our jobs done. No matter what the job:) 

Scroll down to see some of the non-teaching, non-mom work I've been up to this fall... 

Big Brothers Big Sisters Annual Lobster Fest
First Oilers game at the new Rogers Place!

Supporting my friend Krista, at her DKNY shopping event in support of iHuman Youth Society.

My own DKNY event in support of ALL IN FOR YOUTH, a United Way collaborative that provides wraparound services in Edmonton's inner city schools.

A work dinner with a travel theme. 

All is Bright light up festival on 124 St with Don and the kids.

Launching Apricity's partnership with Nina Haggerty Centre, hosted by Poppy Barley!

Art Gallery of Alberta's Holly Ball.

Wrap-off competition with my friend Jamie, to promote Xmas wrapping services at Southgate Mall in support of Bissell Centre. Suggested donation of $2 per gift, with all proceeds going to Bissell's many programs. Available until Dec. 24th!

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