Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Ever since September hit, with back to teaching and back to school, it's been nonstop. From what I'm hearing out there, this has been the case for many. The good news is that I'm having a lot of fun!

Funny thing. I started writing this post (like that first few sentences up there... months ago. It's now almost Christmas and, well, here I am again! 

Youth initiative with United Way continues to be a blast. I get to go all around and talk to students about local poverty issues, with Alice in tow (you can try to spot her in the photos). The extrovert in me gets tons of energy from curious and sweet students and the more kids I get to meet, the more of Edmonton I get to see, and the more hopeful I become about our future. 

Something people may now know about me is that I fret about the state of our world all the time. I was talking about climate change over coffee with a friend last year and I started to cry. During coffee. Like, on a Tuesday morning.

Btw, in case you didn't know, the situation is pretty bad.

Even though we should have gotten ahead of stuff like climate change; urban form; early intervention; housing first; active transpiration (and the list goes on) a generation ago - There is no better time than right now. 

And, these kids get it! They're the ones who are going to make it all happen. 

So here's to them! All the young and inspiring people who put a smile on my face and challenge our perceptions of who gets to have a voice and an impact in our community. 

I always think about what the executive director (Liz O'Neil) of Big Brothers Big Sisters said to me 
one time. To make a difference, she said, all you have to be is somebody who cares.

These kids care! And, they've got that bit of wonder still about them... sort of like how maybe a tiny fraction of them still believes in magic, and maybe ghosts (like me).

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