Thursday, September 29, 2016

Been Hustlin'

I'll have to do a retrospective I had so much fun over the summer post at some point, but ever since September hit, I've been hustlin' like crazy with my cabinet co-chair gig! In no particular order, I hereby inundate you with images of STUFF. 

Up there is the invitation for a fundraiser I'm throwing with some pretty amazing partners. Want to come? Please do! Tickets can be purchased here. If you come a part of me will love you forever - I can seat you next to my mom if you like?

In other news, Alice & Associates has been pounding the pavement hard

 Here we are at the United Way Government of Alberta campaign kick off! It was at the legislature, so naturally we took the train.

 As a treat for being a decent partner of her firm, I let her run through the fountains until a security guard told us to stop.

As she's growing up it's becoming more and more obvious that Alice wants to have things her own way (apple doesn't fall far from the tree). Here we are at the United Way super campaign kick off and she's so over taking pictures with mom.  

  I joke that Tom of Chandos is my work husband, but it's sort of true. What a great co-chair to work with! And, my UW work husband, Mike Kluttig, who was tweeting about us! Tom and I gave some welcome remarks and I only verged on crying as opposed to the all-out river of tears I usually produce when talking about people in our community that I care so deeply about.

Then, on another day, I presented a literacy champion award on behalf of Edmonton Literacy Coalition.

So. Short.

Hilariously unrelated is my paying work - Teaching.

Students are all back and it's a delight to see them again and to work with them - After all these years of teaching I'm still learning! The studio is looking pretty serene these days.

 At my Big Sister gig, I saw the cutest little student election posters all around the school :) My little and I discussed who he might be voting for, and why. Adorable.

 I generally can't do media in the morning because Don is at work already and I've got to get the kids to school. This past Tuesday the media call was so early that I was able to do it AND get back to get the kids to school!

Thanks to Global and Jennifer Crosby for having us, and being total pros.

 And, finally, my friend and principal at Berlin (Michael!) led an awesome think-tank marketing sort of session with a bunch of amazing younger people. United Way is also looking at how we're going to connect and engage with the slightly-younger-than me future leaders. So, we're looking into it!

That's some of the stuff I've been up to. Not really riveting, but alas, I'm having tons of fun and am excited I get to do really cool work with people I like. 

I'm one of the lucky ones. 

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