Friday, June 10, 2016

Anthology's Human Library!

What a delight to participate in Anthology's Human Library last night! 

Members and attendees were able to "check out" humans like books, and schedule 10 minute conversations with various Edmonton personalities. Think speed dating. We had a Lucas Waldin (conductor); Todd Babiak (novelist); Charles Rusnell (investigative journalist); Mark Meer (comedian/actor); Stephen A. Kent (professor of sociology of religion, sects, and "cults"); Jonathan Warner (game director at BioWare); Tim Reid (president and CEO of Northlands); plus, me and Don. 

Besides getting to hang out with a bunch of friends, one of the best things was hosting the event at the Millwoods branch - What a gorgeous building! Edmonton is so lucky to have one of the best libraries in North America. It was great to be there with our special event while the library was still open and all the users were buzzing around. That's what public spaces are all about. 

Thanks to my wonderful board who put it all together! Rock stars, all of them. 

Finally, I bought these palazzo pants at Lennard Taylor last weekend in Winnipeg while shopping in the Exchange District. When I was in the store, the sales girl suggested them and I dismissed them immediately. I said they would probably be too long, and I'd drown in them, and they would likely get caught in my bike chain. Since all the clothes are designed and sewn on site by Lennard, he came out of the back and artfully convinced me to try them on, saying he could hem them for me right away if they required alterations.

Not a lot of people can convince me to do something I don't really feel like doing... but he and the sales girl was right. They looked great! He pinned them, hemmed them, and now I am a proud owner of palazzo pants. Something I never thought I'd buy. Well done!

I was so stoked to wear them with my Guns N' Roses crop top.

You can see more here - Go to 23:23 mins to get a glimpse of last night!

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