Thursday, May 26, 2016

Dexter, 7; Alice, 4

It's that time of year in the Chiveson family when we celebrate (almost) everyone's birthday! Yesterday was Dexter's actual birthday, so we had a casual thing at the house.

My mom bought Alice a new dress, and Fat Pony arrived in the mail from auntie Leanne! Dex brought cupcakes to share with school friends, and got a bunch of awesome Step Into Reading books. PLUS, the new Plants vs Zombies graphic novel he's been dying for. Even Dexter's walk-to-school jr. high buddy brought over some beanie dragons and a bubble wand - What a wonderful day!

I made the kids share a cake.

A few weekends ago Alice had her solo ice cream cake at the lake. They ate it in their pyjamas, in the trailer.

I can't believe how quickly 7 years has gone by with Dexter. We looked at photos after presents last night and my little guy is still so cute and adorable in my eyes! He was a great, easy baby. Other than the bad eczema he had, he mostly slept a lot. He's always been a relaxed, sweet, sensitive little guy. And, quite the intellectual!

Alice, on the other hand, continues to plague me as my sociopathic alter-ago. We hang out A LOT, since she is a preschooler at a time in my life when I am super busy and working on a bunch of things. She's a trooper and a firecracker! And, also respectful in public and highly capable.

A long time ago I decided to have kids earlier than I ever imagined (I was 28, which is young for my peer group). Two reasons: I knew that if Don continued to have wacky work scheduling, I would be a hypothetical single mom, any way I sliced it. I figured I'd rather be closer to 30 with a few kids as opposed to closer to 40. Who knows what life would look like at 40, anyway?

Second reason: My parents. I asked them if they would be able to help me, and they said yes instantly. Dexter has been sleeping over there every week, for days at a time, since he was 3 months old. Alice started sleeping over when she was 2 weeks! They took my two week old baby AND my 3 year old at the time. I pumped a lot of milk in those days.

My parents have been instrumental in my ability to continue teaching/working/travelling this whole time (self-employment means no mat leave)! They're the reason why I am flexible enough to support Don and participate in all these various initiatives. Without them, I wouldn't be earning or able to contribute my time in the greater community.

Things have tapered off, now that the kids are in school (well, one is full day and Alice is half), but that spirit of always moving forward and unconditional support is still there.

So my reminiscing about my wonderful kids, how they enrich my life, and what an honour it is to be their mom... is really an ode to my own parents. They're amazing.

Thank you, mom and dad!

And, happy birthday, kids!

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  1. Sarah .... Wonderful post :) Happy birthday to ALL! Is Dexter's birthday on May 25? Because that's ALEX'S birthday, too!