Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Creating a space for creating

After deleting my old blog and switching to this new one, some people were mourning the loss of the old space. I know it was a place to read about biking, and sure, I absolutely still ride a bicycle for transportation.

I feel as though there are many wonderful resources out there that talk about riding bikes. My darling friends at Let's Go Ride a Bike have done tons of product reviews. And, Momentum Magazine is also a valuable resource (and fun to read). There are also many more cycling-with-kids storytellers now.

A reader was sad that my blog would no longer be a place where somebody would go to determine what sort of bike they would buy. Over the last several years I've spent a lot of my time answering emails and questions about whether or not to buy a Pashley (or Linus or Madsen or Dahon or Batavus or Marinoni). And, recommending bikes to people. Most of the time they just end up buying something else, anyway. Which is awesome! Whatever gets people riding is A+ in my book.

It's not my priority to be a bike expert. I will always be a cyclist and always advocate for active transportation. I now want to write about other things.

For years I've been meaning to start writing a creative non-fiction. I'm not sure exactly what the end result is supposed to be - That's probably not a good thing.

I want it to be a book. A compilation of mini stories that make up a whole. I realize this isn't an original idea. It's just for me, and it's okay if it never becomes a real thing.

I want to write about the strange, weird things that happen to me on a regular basis. As a result of meeting so many people, I have the benefit of um... a broad range of experiences! I fear that some of the stuff is so golden, that if I don't write it down I'll never remember.

I want to record stories about people who inspired me.

I want to write about my parents. They're hilarious and imperfect, and somehow our life together (they're instrumental, even now) is so surprising. I never realized I would rely on them so much, even as an adult. They have, and still work so hard to support me.

Being creative is tough, especially when you're trying to force it. The old blog wasn't the right space for what I want to create now. I am excited about my new space, and feel great after my digital purge!

I don't feel sad about Girls and Bicycles. She was a wonderful blog for a very long time. She was me. And, I'm still her.

We've grown! It is a good thing.


  1. Go you! Just glad you're writing again.

  2. Yes! You're rocking it out... and still doing the amazing things that you do. We're all reading :)